American Music Resource

The State of the AMR Collection

The American Music Resource has been on the Internet, under the SunSite Gopher index, since late in 1993. That URL has not worked since c. 1/96. The collection went through its first major expansion in 5/94, when it was updated to contain 64 subjects and 22 topics for a grand total of around 500 separate text files. Development as a World Wide Web site was begun in late August, 1995. As of 8/96, AMR houses around 50 topics and over 70 subjects. It is constantly being updated.

8/95 - 12/95 = overall design and testing of top-level "*.html" files, running in a UNIX directory on my campus computer.
12/95 - 3/96 = editing existing "amr*.html" files and the development of more, including the collection, testing and evaluation of Internet links.
3/96 = re-installation of all amr*.html files.
5/96 = installation of all TOPIC FILES.
7/96 = beginning of installation of SUBJECT FILES.
8/1/96 = c. 1/3 of Subject Files Installed (A-F, all the S's).
8/19/96 = all files in - lots of touchups still to do, but IT WORKS! 52 topics, 71 subjects, 847 files total. 566 URLs.