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   AMR provides an Internet location for a wide variety of information about American music. It is a useful tool for bibliographical searches in many general and specific areas and lists a variety of Internet links and search engines beyond its own limits. Since its appearance in late 1993 as a GOPHER site, the collection has been used for many purposes including for graduate research seminars in bibliography. The AMR system also offers relatively complete research and organizational models which may be adapted for independent work: finding, collecting and categorizing information. See below for research aids.
   It has been my intention to produce as useful a set of mediagraphical tools and procedures as possible. This ongoing process of refinement benefits greatly from outside input. This falls to individuals who began as users, find lacunae or other problems and contribute information so as to help others. Likewise, this collection is available to house your own research, bibliographies, and/or other information. Since appearing on the Internet, AMR has received many such additions and corrections.

PLEASE send in contributions; help improve this collection

   While each subject and topic presents a given amount of data, its files' deficiencies can only be remedied with your input. You can analyze and suggest upgrades for any of the listings. It is virtually impossible for the editor to continually make files accurate and keep them current. You and your students can aid in this process by prowling the various areas, finding weaknesses, providing supplemental entries and materials, and by giving general suggestions for improvement. You are also requested to add information to the periodicals list (including dates of publishing, etc.), and the organizations list (descriptions, etc.). This collection is especially weak throughout in worklists and discographies. And some of the topic areas have virtually nothing. Please help: see AMR: Communications for details.
   The "filenote" indexed on each home page gives a rough approximation of the quality and content of files listed there. Overall, it is possible to characterize these collections as (1) fairly comprehensive, (2) adequate, and (3) limited. In the "limited" case, a collection might either be a grab-bag of citations or it might simply contain inadequate research.

HTML - HyperText Markup Language

   The World Wide Web version of AMR has been generated completely by a simple, text-based word processor. While many commercial programs and applications now exist for this purpose, such are not really needed. It is possible to learn the logic and application of imbedding HTML codes in a very short time. This is not, in any sense, a programming language, and many simple books are available on the subject. See below for links. The annotations contained in the "amrtemplate" are self-explanatory and amplified in "amrfiles."

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