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To All Users:

μμμ   If the American Music Resource collection has been helpful to you, you could be helpful to the collection by sending in updates, additions, corrections and relevant URLs. Some of the files do not contain all the most recent publications for that area. Some contain errors and omissions. Such problems can only be remedied by thoughtful users. Others may wish to contribute bibliographies for subjects or topics not yet covered, research notes, or bulletin board items. Please also report any problems you might encounter with the AMR provider itself. See AMR: Communications for how to do it.
   Yes, AMR is a mere  collection of mostly lists, bibliographies and the like. Yet it can be read like a book and often to great advantage. The simple collections of titles have powerful abilities to convey information about the subject or topic they cover. This is probably no more evident in AMR than for Fletcher Henderson, a little known individual without whom early recorded blues artists and the "King of swing" could hardly exist. History and chronology may also be observed from the bibliographical entries themselves. Consider, for instance, the popularity of Charles Ives (a) during his lifetime, (b) around the time of his death, and then, (c) since 1976. Or, on another level, the history of Piston's "Harmony." Finally, don't forget about the significance of research serendipity:  or, "what I learned when looking for something else."